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The Dark Secret of Cold Coffinswell


The Dark Secret of Cold Coffinswell

“This is Cindy’s first childrens’ novel. I for one, suspect her offspring Stella Jones is such a likeable character, there may be more to come. I hope so. She reminds me a bit of a younger Hermione in the Harry Potter sagas. A suitable heroine for girls of all ages.”
Chris Street, Author of Earthstars

“This is a book for both young and old, told with great imagination. Cindy is a natural storyteller and the book is a real page turner. A strong story of a child growing amidst many challenges. The writer is in command of her subject and captures the atmosphere of hidden lands.”
Peter Mitchell, Amazon

This book is really a gripping book and hard to put down. I would recommend it very much to people around 10 years old. LOVED IT VERY MUCH AND THINK YOU SHOULD READ IT!
Jemima (aged 10), Amazon


Having read my revelatory book, ‘The Sleeping Giant’, Professor Chris Clarke (formerly Professor of Applied Mathematics at Southhampton University, UK) wrote:

“Cindy Beadman has ‘seen’ (and drawn ) a whole intricate cosmology including the unflodings of beings in the process of creation that are remarkablly like Julia sets, whilst her writings bear an uncanny resemblance to the implicate order of Bohm.” [1]


[1] ‘Network Review: Journal of Scientific and Medical Network’, Summer 2013, ‘What is the World Like? Responses from two modern mystics, Cindy Beadman and Rolf-Ulrich Kramer, introduced by Professor Chris Clarke’.
My book, The Sleeping Giant, can be read on his website.

Professor Chris Clarke, mathematical physicist, former head of applied mathematics at Southampton University, UK, and contributor to ‘Journal of Scientific and Medical Network Review’, (with whom I wrote an article: What is the World like? Response from two modern mystics, issue 1362-112, Summer 2013, bridging science and mysticism),

He wrote of ‘The Sleeping Giant’:

“Cindy has seen and drawn a whole intricate cosmology, including the unfolding of

beings in the process of creation, that are remarkably like Julia Sets, whilst her writings bear an uncanny resemblance to the ‘Implicate Order’ of physicist David Bohm. (he featured my work on his own web site).

Renowned Czech alchemist. Founder of ‘Trigon Publishing’ and nominated for the 2005 Czech National Prize for Literature, who translated a priceless collection of ancient hermetic manuscripts at his famous bookshop in Prague, was keen to place some of Cindy’s work in his own monthly journal, ‘Logos’.

Amazed that she had completed such a journey alone, he wrote of ‘The Sleeping Giant’:

“This is truly beautiful work. You are one of only two western women who have completed an authentic alchemical journey as well as recording it, you must get it published.”

David Lorimer, MA PGCE FRSA, writer, lecturer, director of international S&M Network and editor of re-named ‘Network Review’, ‘Paradigm Explorer,’ came across a hard copy of ‘The Sleeping Giant’ earlier this year and endorsed it with a full review. He is also finding me a space to speak at one of their upcoming conferences.

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